An immigrant himself, Attorney Nicolas Caraquel understands the challenges and the complexity of going through the US immigration process. He entered the US originally as a tourist in 2007, hired as an industrial engineer and eventually obtained his multinational executive visa. He became a greencard-holder in 2008. He now holds dual Filipino-American citizenship.

Nick provided pro bono assistance to Filipinos in Kentucky and West Virginia in earlier years. He obtained his New York State license to practice law in 2012. Since then, Nick has been helping various clients all over the world obtain their respective US visas as a first step in achieving their American dreams.

Nick is licensed to practice law in both jurisdictions of the Philippines and the State of New York.

His strong analytical skills, being an industrial engineer, and in-depth knowledge of US immigration laws, regulations and policies, help him effectively find practical solutions to his clients' US immigration problems resulting to relatively faster approvals and smoother US immigration journey!